Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proposed Ordinance Amendment Out For Review

     TEMOAK TRIBE – The Te-Moak Tribal Council has distributed copies of the proposed amendment to the Te-Moak Tobacco Taxation Ordinance.  The proposed amendment was presented to the Tribal Council by Elko Band.
     The proposed amendment would change section 17-1-6 of the ordinance from “The tax for each pack of 20 or less or each package of 25 cigarettes shall be collected according to federal regulations” to “There is hereby levied and there shall be collected as hereinafter provided, a tax upon the purchase or possession of cigarettes by a consumer within the Te-Moak jurisdiction. This tax shall be imposed by the Tribe at a rate equal to or greater than the State or Federal rate.”
     If adopted, this proposed amendment would affect not only the Elko Band smoke shop, but the smoke shops located at Battle Mountain Band and Wells Band.

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