Thursday, June 10, 2010

Elko Band Council Agenda of June 9

     ELKO BAND - The old and new business of the Elko Band Council agenda for the finance meeting of Wednesday, June 9.

     Old Business
     -COLA Increases
     -Courthouse Lease Update
     -Diabetes Lease Update
     -GSA Lease
     -USDA Solar Panels Grant
     -Dog Ordinance Amendment
     -Shoshone Reunion Update
     -Nevada State Bank – MHS Loan

     New Business
     -Chevron/Texaco Fuel Presentation – Martin Christenson
     -Wells Fargo Insurance Presentation – Tina Perchetti
     -2008 Audit Findings/2009 New Auditor Concerns
     -Request to post Executive Secretary Position
     -Request to post Janitor Position – Elko Band Administration

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