Wednesday, March 31, 2010

City of Elko To Negotiate 1 Percent Employee Pay Cut

CITY OF ELKO - The Elko Daily Free Press has an article, City may cut wages, that begins "The city is asking its employees to take a 1 percent pay cut. The council directed City Manager Curtis Calder to negotiate with employees’ unions for an $80,500 reduction in salary expenses, which is the equivalent of an across-the-board 1 percent pay reduction."

BusinessWeek: Barrick Gold Suit May Cut Nevada Mine Output by Half

SOUTH FORK BAND - Bloomberg BusinessWeek has an article, Barrick Gold Suit May Cut Nevada Mine Output by Half, that begins "Barrick Gold Corp.’s plan to double production at a Nevada gold mine complex this year by digging out an additional $625 million in deposits may turn on a judge’s decision in an environmental suit by American Indian tribes."

Other news stories Next step: Judge to rule on Cortez Hills injunction (March 23) and Halt Barrick Gold Mine Expansion, Nevada Tribes Urge Court (March 19).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update: S. 3185 - Elko Motocross and Tribal Conveyance Act

ELKO BAND - Here is a copy of S. 3185, the Elko Motocross and Tribal Conveyance Act, introduced on 3/25/10 by Senators Reid and Ensign.

Elko Band Agenda For March 31

ELKO BAND - The old and new business of the Elko Band Council agenda for the meeting on Wednesday, March 31.

Old Business
Land Expansion
Homeowner Ordinance
Banishment Ordinance
Personnel Policy
Burial Policy
Ferrin House Update
Melva Jackson
USDA Solar Grant
Animal Control Vehicle
Liquor License Fees Update

New Business
CFR Court Concerns
ANA Language & SEDS Grants
Request to Use Fire Pit Behind Senior Center
Lot Lease Request - Arlette Paradise
Burial Assistance - E. Stevens
Domestic Violence/Tribal NRS Ordinance Reviews
Western Shoshone Claims
Parole & Probation Request - Tyrone Thompson
Parole & Probation Request - Stillman Knight Jr. III
Vacant Lot Request - Sharon Couchum
Law Enforcement Concerns - Doyle Tybo
Dis-Enrollment Discussion - Gerald Temoke
Student Monitor - Job Description Update
Approval to Post Summer Food Monitor
Approval to Post Summer Food Cook
Approval to Post Summer Food Assistant Cook
Approval to Post Recreation Director
Approval to Post Groundskeeper

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wasted Time for Court and Jurors

TEMOAK TRIBE - On Thursday, March 25, CFR Judge William Kockenmeister declared a mistrial in the criminal case of Te-Moak Tribe versus Vera Johnny. The reason for the mistrail is because of the lack of prospective jurors. The Court will have to hear this case again and the Tribe will have to call for a larger pool of jurors.

BIA Claims Drying Funds For Judge

TEMOAK TRIBE - The Bureau of Indian Affairs has told the Te-Moak Tribe that funding for the Tribal judge will run out. The Tribe has a federal contract with the BIA to provide for the operation of the Tribe's court, which includes hiring of court personnel, except for the judge. The judge is paid by BIA. Apparently, the funding is low and the BIA has informed the Tribe of its lack of funds.

UPDATE: The Tribe has cancelled court hearings for the month of April.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Tribal Council Member For Battle Mountain Band

BATTLE MOUNTAIN BAND - Craig Roa, Vice-Chairman for Battle Mountain Band Council, will replace Edith Tybo on the Te-Moak Tribal Council representing the Battle Mountain Band.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reid, Ensign Introduces Elko Motocross And Tribal Conveyance Act

ELKO BAND - On March 25, 2010, Senator Harry Reid and Senator John Ensign introduced the Elko Motocross and Tribal Conveyance Act. This Act will add approximately 370 acres of land to the Elko Indian Colony. The land will be able to be used for housing, cultural activities, and other purposes but cannot be used for Class II or Class III gaming. Further, the introduced legislation provides for a right-of-way for the City of Elko for the future of Jennings Way.

Further information can be found at the Harry Reid newsroom, and the Elko Daily Free Press.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Battle Mountain Band Council Member Vacancy

BATTLE MOUNTAIN BAND - Battle Mountain Band Council has a vacancy in its Council membership. The vacancy was created with Edith Tybo no longer serving on the Council.

Job Announcement - Chief of Police

TEMOAK TRIBE - The Board for the Te-Moak Department of Public Safety is still searching for a new Chief of Police. The closing date for the position is April 19th.

Monday, March 15, 2010

NBC News Interviews Larson Bill

SOUTH FORK BAND - Below is an interview with Larson Bill by NBC Nightly News. It is a web-only video of NBC Nightly News' Fleecing of America segment "Gold Diggers: Miners Get Nevada Gold Royalty-Free."

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NBC Nightly News: The Fleecing Of America

TEMOAK TRIBE - Tonight, NBC Nightly News ran a story of Nevada gold mines in their The Fleecing of America segment. Below is video of that news segment.

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