Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elko Band Agenda For March 31

ELKO BAND - The old and new business of the Elko Band Council agenda for the meeting on Wednesday, March 31.

Old Business
Land Expansion
Homeowner Ordinance
Banishment Ordinance
Personnel Policy
Burial Policy
Ferrin House Update
Melva Jackson
USDA Solar Grant
Animal Control Vehicle
Liquor License Fees Update

New Business
CFR Court Concerns
ANA Language & SEDS Grants
Request to Use Fire Pit Behind Senior Center
Lot Lease Request - Arlette Paradise
Burial Assistance - E. Stevens
Domestic Violence/Tribal NRS Ordinance Reviews
Western Shoshone Claims
Parole & Probation Request - Tyrone Thompson
Parole & Probation Request - Stillman Knight Jr. III
Vacant Lot Request - Sharon Couchum
Law Enforcement Concerns - Doyle Tybo
Dis-Enrollment Discussion - Gerald Temoke
Student Monitor - Job Description Update
Approval to Post Summer Food Monitor
Approval to Post Summer Food Cook
Approval to Post Summer Food Assistant Cook
Approval to Post Recreation Director
Approval to Post Groundskeeper

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