Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Housing Board Agenda of June 17 and Actions

     TEMOAK TRIBE - The unfinished and new business of the Housing Board agenda for the meeting of June 17.

     Old Business
     -Personnel Policy Amendment
     -Types of Criminal History Allowable for Admissions
     -Vehicle Purchase/Client Service Department
     -Field Forman/Post Job Announcement
     -Client Service Supervisor/Post Job Announcement

     New Business
     -Selection of Audit Bid
     -Title of Conveyance/ 131 Eagle Drive, Battle Mountain

     The following actions were made by the Housing Board for the meeting of June 17.

     -The personnel policy amendment was tabled.
     -The types of criminal history allowable for admissions changes were tabled.
     -The board decided that the vehicle purchase for the client service department should not exceed $30,000.
     -The field foreman job announcement was tabled.
     -The client service supervisor job announcement was tabled.
     -The selection of audit bids was tabled.
     -The title of conveyance was tabled.

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