Sunday, June 20, 2010

BIA Meets With Public On WS Distribution

     TEMOAK TRIBE - On Saturday, Bureau of Indian Affairs personnel met with the public at the Elko Indian Colony gym to answer questions about the application process for distribution of the Western Shoshone claims.
     The BIA explained that applications have to be submitted to the BIA by August 2.  Also, the BIA stated that the tentative date for partial distribution for those who are 65 years of age and older is February 2011. The amount of the partial payment was unknown at the time of the meeting and could only be determined after the application closing date.  The date for full distribution of the Western Shoshone claims is anticipated after the conclusion of the application appeals.
     Currently, the BIA has received 8,459 applications and has processed 3,130 of them.
     Opponents of the Western Shoshone claims distribution attended the meeting voicing the injustice of the claims distribution.
     There were also questions about the impact of the Timbisha lawsuit on the distribution and a possible injunction. The BIA stated that they have not been served with the lawsuit and that the impact of a possible injunction would not be known until it was determined by the court. But until then, the BIA will continue to process applications.

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