Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elko Band Chairman Declines $40K Salary

     ELKO BAND - Elko Band Chairman Gerald Temoke requested that the Elko Band Council dissolve the contract that paid him $40,000 a year salary for his position as chairman.
     The Council approved his request.
     The contract Chairman Temoke had with the band bouncil was, in addition to his regular duties as chairman, he would also be in the Elko Band offices to do further duties on behalf of the band. Temoke had been paid since being elected as chairman in October 2009.
     Chairman Temoke cited that he would rather not stay at the elko band offices for eight hours a day and would rather keep a schedule like other members of the band council.
     In accepting Temoke's request, the band council made it clear that the dissolution of the contract does not relieve him of his duties as chairman of the band council. Temoke agreed and is now being paid a stipend as other members of the band council.

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