Friday, June 18, 2010

Articles On Supreme Court Water Ruling

      NEVADA - More news articles on yesterday's Nevada Supreme Court ruling on the Las Vegas pipeline.

     The Deseret News has the article Nevada court delays pipeline, authorities instruct a look elsewhere for water that begins "Strident critics of a plan to build a pipeline through Utah's west desert and eastern Nevada are lauding a Nevada Supreme Court decision that reaffirms a Nevada state engineer didn't adequately consider environmental impacts of the water right applications that were granted."

     The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the article HIGH COURT: Dual win claimed in water fight that begins "The Nevada Supreme Court on Thursday reversed its earlier ruling that could have derailed a multibillion-dollar water pipeline for the Las Vegas Valley."

     The Lahotan Valley News has the article Supreme Court orders new hearings in rural water case that begins "The Nevada Supreme Court has ordered new hearings into whether Southern Nevada Water Authority should be granted applications to draw more than 250,000 acre feet of water from rural Nevada."

     Here is a copy of the Nevada Supreme Court ruling Great Basin Water Network v. State Eng’r.

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