Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Actions of the Tribal Council of June 2

      TEMOAK TRIBE – The following actions were made by the Te-Moak Tribal Council on June 2.

     -It was reported that the closing date for claims applications is August 2 and the distribution meeting will be on June 19 at the Elko Indian Colony gym.
     -The proposed banishment ordinance continues to be under review and the Tribal Council is waiting on comments.
     -The Council is waiting for information from the DOE on the energy block grant.
     -The gaming compact continues to be reviewed by the Tribal Council. The Battle Mountain Band wants their attorney to represent BM during Tribal discussion.
     -The Tribe is still waiting for an update from the BIA on the liquor ordinance amendment.
     -The enrollment ID card flyer answers were tallied and after the tallies where presented to the Tribal Council, the Council decided to table the enrollment IDs.
     -Joseph McDade, Superintendent of the BIA, was present to discuss the concerns of the Tribe about the CFR judge. Further, a letter was presented to the Council about the possible exclusion of Tana Crump, a non-member of the Tribe.
     -Vincent Garcia presented the issues of due process when it comes to SF land assignments and SF employment issues. The Tribal Council decided to discuss these issues at a special meeting on June 25.
     -Elko Band Council submitted an amendment to Te-Moak Tobacco Taxation ordinance. The Tribal Council voted to put the ordinance amendment for review.
     -Tribal Chairman Bryan Cassadore asked the Council for him to be involved in the government to government consultations concerning the human remains, a skull, found in a Wells dumpster. The skull may possibly be Indian from a burial. The Council approved his request.
     -Tribal council member Paula Brady submitted a previous Election Ordinance from 1999 to replace the current 2003 Election ordinance. The Council voted to put the 1999 ordinance out for review.
     -Tribal council member Doyle Tybo motioned for a resolution to have a referendum vote about the current dis-enrollment issues. The motion failed to receive a majority of the votes.

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