Friday, August 27, 2010

Council Takes Step to Oppose Gonzales Lawsuit

     ELKO BAND -  Facing money damages close to a million dollars, the Elko Band Council took a step in opposing the Gonzales lawsuit by passing a resolution.
     Davis Gonzales, Elko Band council member, currently has a lawsuit against the Elko Band Council that is going to be heard before an appeals court of the Tribe.  If the band council loses the appeal, the council may have to pay up $800,000 to the band's ex-employees.  It is unknown how this decision would affect Elko Band projects like the trailer park project and the christmas bonus program.
     At a recent meeting, the band council passed a resolution that restates that the band council is a soveriegn nation and cannot be sued in court.  Gonzales did not vote on the resolution. 
     The council will send the resolution to the Te-Moak Tribal Council recommending that the tribal council adopt a similiar resolution.

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