Monday, August 9, 2010

Land Assignment Takings Under Review

     SOUTH FORK BAND - In July, the South Fork Band Council took back the land assignments of Floyd Bill and Chester Knight because of their absence from the South Fork area, and now, the Tribal Council will review the taking of the land assignments.
     The South Fork Band has posted that it is now receiving applications for the two land assignments. The last day to submit an application for an assignment is August 24.
     Bill and Knight's representative, Vince Garcia, requested that the Te-Moak Tribal Council review the band councils taking of the assignments, and now, on August 12, the Tribal Council will review the action of the band council.
     Land assignments are parcels of land within the South Fork reservation that are leased to and utilized by tribal members for homes and to make a living, usually by means of ranching.
     The Tribal Council meeting will be closed to the public.

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