Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Fork Band Sued By Ex-Employee

     SOUTH FORK BAND - The South Fork Band Council faces another lawsuit, this time ex-employee Marvin McDade filed a complaint against the band council.
     McDade said that the South Fork Band Council failed to give him due process when the band let him go from the his employment with the band.
     Judge Bill Kockenmeister told McDade that he had to file a written appeal to the South Fork Band Council before the case could be heard in court.  The judge said the case would be continued until McDade completed his appeals before the band council.
     Also, the ex-employees of South Fork Band Council will have their termination reviewed by the Tribal Council, along with the land assignment issues.
     The case is Marvin McDade vs. South Fork Band Council, SF-CV-04-10.

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