Monday, August 9, 2010

Te-Moak Tribal Council Agenda of August 4

     TEMOAK TRIBE - The old and new business of the Te-Moak Tribal Council agenda for the meeting of Wednesday, August 4.

     Old Business
     -Claims Update
     -Proposed Banishment Draft Ordinance Update
     -Gaming Compact Update
     -Finalize Liquor Ordinance Amendment
     -Election Ordinance Review - 45 Days ending August 6, 2010
     -Ethics Ordinance Review - 45 Days ending August 25, 2010

     New Business
     -Amanda Marta - "Kids Safety Fair"
     -Ken Miller, BLM - Status on Rock Creek Acquisition
     -BIA Letter - Te-Moak Tobacco Ordinance
     -Resolution - Liquor License Request for Jeff Watson/Gladiator Challenge
     -Resolution - Land Lease
     -FYI - SMART Office for One Year Extension
     -Vince Garcia - Requesting Special Meeting on Appeal For Land Assignments
     -Evelyn Roche - Petition on Skull

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