Thursday, July 8, 2010

South Fork Band Council Agenda of July 6

     SOUTH FORK BAND - The unfinished and new business of the South Fork Band Council agenda for the meeting of July 6.

     Unfinished Business
     -Grazing Ordinance - Draft with changes - not complete as this time
     -Myron Tybo's Horses - June 25th Court ofder to remove horses within 30 days
     -P2 Gravel Pit Proposal
     -Job Announcements - IHHA to be extended, Road Crew was Posted thru 6-28-2010, CHR open until July 12, 2010
     -Resolution for Chester Knight 10-SF-17 and Floyd Bill 10-SF-18 - Cancellation of Land Assignments
     New Business
     -Access Permits - Updated and Clarified
     -Resolution - Interior Department (Larson Bill)

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