Monday, July 19, 2010

Court Gives Tybo Until Sept. 24 For Removal

     SOUTH FORK BAND - Judge Bill Kockenmeister has given Myron Tybo until September 24 to remove his horses from the South Fork Band grazing land.
     Tybo has approximately 100 to 150 horses in the grazing land of the South Fork band without a permit issued from the Band.  At a previous hearing, the court agreed with the South Fork Band Council that Tybo was grazing his horses on the grazing land without a permit, which according to the Tribe's Constitution, must be issued by the band council.  The court ordered that Tybo remove his horses in July.
    At Friday's hearing, Tybo asked the court to stay the removal order until the appeals court for the Tribe has heard his appeal.  Kockenmeister told Tybo that he would not stay his order and that if a stay is to be issued, it would be from the appeals court, but Kockenmeister stated that he would extend the removal order to September 24.
     The grazing fees that the South Fork Band Council is seeking from Tybo is still pending, set for a later hearing.
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