Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breaking News - Elko Band Council Supports Gonzales in Ethic Issues

     ELKO BAND -  It is being reported that the Elko Band Council supports Davis Gonzales in his issues about his lawsuit against Elko Band Council and conflict of interest issues with Nevada Legal Service.
     Elko Band Chairman Gerald Temoke, Elko Band Vice-Chairman Evelyn Temoke Roche, and Doyle Tybo voted against a motion to have a hearing to discuss the issues of Gonzales conflict of interest.  Questions about the possible conflict of interest regarding Gonzales' lawsuit against Elko Band Council and money that Gonzales funnels to Nevada Legal Services were of no interest to Temoke, Temoke Roche, and Tybo.
     Lindsey Oppenhein, Bryan Cassadore, and Paula Brady supported having hearing for Gonzales to discuss the issue of Gonzales' conflict of interest and to bring out the evidence to resolve these issues.
     Since the vote was tied, the motion died.
     It is also being reported, that the issue of Nevada Legal Services is still being looked into by the Elko Band Council.

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