Friday, July 30, 2010

Charges Filed Against Non-Member For Assaulting Tribal Member

     ELKO BAND - On Wednesday, a federal charge of misdemeanor assault was filed in Nevada Federal District Court against Mark Ferguson for an incident that occurred on the Elko Indian Colony.
     According to the complaint, Ferguson, a non-Indian, assaulted Edna Ferguson, a member of the Te-Moak Tribe and long time resident of Elko Colony, causing her injury.
     By the time law enforcement officers arrived, Mark Ferguson had left the scene of the assault and was later located at his place of employment.  He denied any knowledge of injuring Edna.
     The incident happened on May 27, 2010.
     Since the defendant, Mark Ferguson, is a non-Indian and the incident took place on the Elko Indian Colony, the Federal authorities have jurisdiction.
     The case is US vs. Mark Ferguson, 3:10-MJ-0067-RAM.

     The charge listed above does not imply guilt.  Everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court of law.

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