Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breaking News - Possible Ethic Problem For Nevada Legal Services, Gonzales

     ELKO BAND - Nevada Legal Services may have a possible ethics problem because of Elko Band.
     NLS provides legal services for Elko Band Council, but not many know that an Elko Band Council member, Davis Gonzales, also serves on the Board for Nevada Legal Services.
     No one knows because Gonzales has never disclosed this to the band council.
     It has been revealed that not only does Gonzales serve both the Council and the Board, but Gonzales also signed the contract between NLS and Elko Band that pays NLS $75.00 an hour.
     Legal issues that Elko Band Council has had NLS work on are the banishment ordinance and the gaming ordinance, which Gonzales made the motion to have NLS do the legal work.
     More information will be posted when known.

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