Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tribe Issues Tribal ID Flyers

TE-MOAK TRIBE - The Te-Moak Tribe has issued a questionaire for the proposed Tribal Identification Cards. The following questions are on the flyer.

-Should your Social Security Number be included?
-Should it have an issue and expiration date?
-Should it include? Te-Moak Blood Only? Total Blood Only? Both?
-Should your maiden name be included?
-Should it have the "State of Nevada" on it?
-Should it include a Card Number?
-Should it have a magnetic strip on the back?
-What fee do you recommend for replacing your ID, if lost or stolen?

The Tribe wants all comments submitted to the Enrollment Department Office by May 28, 2010. Questionaires can be picked up at the Tribal Offices.

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