Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Actions of the Te-Moak Housing Board of May 20

     TEMOAK TRIBE – The following actions were made by the housing board on May 20.

     - The housing board tabled the personnel policy amendment.
     - The types of criminal history allowable for admissions was on the agenda for discussion and concerns were raised on what “lesser crime” meant for housing applicants. When adopted by the board, “lesser crime” would apply to persons submitting applications for housing.
     -The 2010 IHP was discussed to inform the housing board of the draft Indian Housing Plan. It was reported that the IHP would be completed before the deadline of June 30.
     -The housing board tabled the vehicle purchase by the Client Service Department
     -The housing board passed a resolution add Craig Roa and Gilbert Temoke as checksigners for housing.
     -The housing board tabled the Field Foreman job announcement
     -The housing board tabled the Client Service Supervisor job announcement.
     -The housing board voted for Gilbert Temoke to go to housing training.

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