Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barrick's Offer To Tribes

     TEMOAK TRIBE - As reported earlier, the Elko Daily Free Press has the article Barrick hosts thank-you tour which reported “a number of the Te-Moak tribal members weren’t aware the tribal council rejected Barrick’s offer for a collaborative process that would have provided $5,000 scholarships for students, $1 million toward senior facilities and included two South Ruby ranches. The offer was in lieu of Te-Moak continuing the lawsuit against the project.”
     In a letter from Gregory A. Lang, Barrick Gold of North America President, the offer reported in the Free Press was contingent upon certain concessions of the Tribes.
     Those concessions were listed in the letter.
     “In exchange for what Barrick has offered above, Barrick would require the following:
          -Dismissal of the Cortez Hills and the HCCEUP lawsuits by all parties.
          -The Te-Moak and Timbisha Tribe and their constituent bands would agree to refrain from suing or otherwise opposing Barrick over any proposed mines or projects in the future at the Cortez Joint Venture.
          -The Plaintiff would cease and desist from claims in any forum that Barrick’s mining activities on federal lands in the United States constitute a violation of human rights."
     A previous post about the offer can be found here.

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