Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battle Mountain Band Council Agenda of April 29

BATTLE MOUNTAIN BAND - The unfinished and new business of the Battle Mountain Band Council agenda for the meeting of Thursday, April 29.

Unfinished Business

New Business
-Mike Tinsley- ITCN/CCDF Program
-Ben - IHS Re: Update on Arsenic Plant
-Dennis Floge- Re: Solar Project/Agreement
-Update Organizational Chart
-Update on Playground Equipment and Green House
-New Enrollment Cards - Yes or No
-Posting a speed limit sign by Greg's House
-Resolution - Domestic Violence - FY 2010 - 2011
-Resolution Rusty Hicks - HIP
-Resolution Lawson Steve - HIP
-Resolution Liquor Ordinance Amendment
-Discussion regarding Banning Habitual criminals from the Colonies
-Beautification around buildings
-Discussion regarding Draft Ordinances - Resolution opposing them/approving them?
-Discussion regarding Michael Price

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