Wednesday, May 5, 2010

South Fork Band Council Agenda of May 4

SOUTH FORK BAND - The old and new business of yesterdays South Fork Band Council agenda for the meeting on Tuesday, May 4.

Old Business
-Coordinator’s Protocol – NV Division of EPA – Tansey Smith ITCN Tribal Liaison
-Grazing Ordinance – Draft with changes not complete at this time – June 1st Meeting
-Myron Tybo’s Horses – what will be done with the horses, also letter of request for SFBC equipment that Myron has in his possession.
-Discussion: Te-Moak Resolution for changes in representation to the TMHA Housing BOC
-Discussion: Rescind letter of Support for Newenees Organization
-Job Announcements: Building/Grounds Maintenance – extend advertisement until filled & Environmental Specialist – post vacancy
-Land Assignments that are not being used by the assigned person and what the Council is going to do about this and delinquent accounts (land assignments and grazing permits).

New Business
-Charles Malotte – Ditch Rider – Hiring and the Personnel Policy & Pastures – Wilfred Brady
-ATV Purchase – Ag and Range Program for Ditch Rider

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