Thursday, May 6, 2010

Te-Moak Tribal Council Agenda of May 5

TEMOAK TRIBE - The old and new business of yesterdays Te-Moak Tribal Council agenda for the meeting of Wednesday, May 5.

Old Business
-Claims Update
-Proposed Banishment Draft Ordinance Update
-Energy Block Grant Update
-Gaming Compact Update
-Finalize Liquor Ordinance
-Myron Tybo – Letter to withdraw request for organization
-Dana Cassadore – Draft Ordinance for Domestic Violence & Tribal NRS Ordinance
-Sharla Dick – Enrollment ID Cards Update

New Business
-SF Resolutions on Dis-Enrollment & Housing Board
-Resolution – Recognize Craig Roa & Gilbert Temoke for Housing Board
-Tansey Smith – Tribal-State Environmental Liaison Program
-Letter from Elko Band on CFR Court
-Resolution – LES Support for COPS Grant
-Resolution – Dwinda Mendoza Residential Lease
-Resolution – Liquor License for Gladiator Challenge
-FYI – CFR Court Funding for Judge

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