Monday, October 4, 2010

Supreme Court Won't Hear Housing Authority Appeal

     NATIONAL - Today, the United States Supreme Court denied hearing the Fort Peck Housing Authority case.
     Fort Peck Housing Authority sought review of a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals that held that homes that are not owned or operated by the tribal housing authority cannot be included in the inventory of a housing authority's block grant program.
     Through an audit, HUD discovered that tribal housing authorities had failed to report that ownership of homes had been transferred from the housing authority to individuals, and meanwhile the housing authorities were still receiving funds for homes no longer in the inventory of the tribal housing authority.  HUD sought repayment of those overpaid funds.
     Fort Peck filed a lawsuit against HUD to stop the repayment arguing that homes counted when NAHASDA was passed was the bottom line and funding couldn't go below that line.
     The denial of hearing by the Supreme Court lets the Court of Appeals ruling stand.

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