Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Agenda for Elko Band Council meeting of September 29

     ELKO BAND - The old and new business of the agenda for the Elko Band Council regular open meeting of September 29.

     Unfinished Business
     -Land Expansion
     -Personnel Policy
     -Banishment Ordinance
     -Election Ordinance
     -Homeowners Ordinance
     -Ferrin Home
     -Zeh - EBC Lawsuit
     -Vacant Lots
     -Terms and Conditions for Parole and Probation Policy
     -Dog Ordinance
     -NewCo Renewables - Letter of Intent Update

     New Business
     -ITCN/CCDF - Mike Tinsley/Gloria Smith - Daycare Expansion/CCDF Update
     -New Lawyer
     -Family Resource Center Request
     -US Postal/Centralized Mail Delivery - Larry Spradin, Supervisor

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