Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Band Council Targets Absent Homeowners

     ELKO BAND - Elko Band Council has begun to address the issue of absent homeowners whose homes have become delapidated.
     The council has targeted the home owned by Carl Ferrin on the Elko Band Indian colony.  By the assessment of Elko Band, the home has become in disrepair and is in need of major renovation.
     Currently, Elko Band is working on a homeownership ordinance and is working with the Te-Moak Housing Authority in creating an individual property survey for the home and then Ferrin would have to appear before the councils to ask for a lease.  Under a new lease and in conjunction with the homeownership ordinance, the councils could stipulate certain terms on home leases.
     This would apply to all absent homeowners who have homes on the Elko Indian colony.

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