Thursday, September 2, 2010

Agenda for Elko Band Council meeting of August 25

     ELKO BAND - The old and new business of the agenda for the Elko Band Council regular open meeting of August 25.

Unfinished Business
-Land Expansion
-Personnel Policy
-Banishment Ordinance
-Homeowners Ordinance
-Ferrin Home
-Zeh - EBC Lawsuit
-Eagle Summit - Wayne Hungate - Mobile Home Locators
-TMHA Lot Expansion
-Liquor License Procedure Letter to Te-Moak
-Approval to extend Maintenance Helper position
-NewCo Renewables - Letter of Intent
-FY2010 Hip funds

New Business
-Ethics Ordinance
-Vacant Lots
-Terms and Conditions for Parole and Probation Policy
-Approval to post Senior Citizen Cook position
-Approval to post Roads Foreman position
-Approval to post Roads Asphalt Laborer (2 positions)
-Approval to post Worker Preparer (2 positions)
-Approval to post Roads Control Worker (2 positions)

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