Monday, September 13, 2010

Agenda of Band Council Finance Meeting

     ELKO BAND -The old and new business of the Elko Band Council agenda for the regular open finance meeting of Wednesday, September 8.
     Old Business
     -Personnel Policy
     -MHS Loan - Rural Development and Band 2 Update
     -FY 2010 HIP Funds
     -Dog Ordinance
     -FY 2009 Audit Update
     -FY 2011 EMPG
     -FY 2010 IRR/ARRA Construction Project (Pot Holes)
     -FY 2011 Proposed Budgets
     New Business
     -Space Cost - Other Buildings
     -FY 2010 Indirect Rate Proposal
     -Higher Education - Conditions and Responsibilities (GPA)
     -Modified Business Tax

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