Thursday, December 23, 2010

BIA Misses Notification Step in Claims Procedure

     TEMOAK TRIBE - It is being reported that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has missed a notification step in the Western Shoshone claims procedure.

     According to the BIA, individuals who were mailed applications were to by notified by mail of the deadline date for their applications and the BIA failed to notify those applicants.  Previously, the BIA had determined that applicants were to be notified "by mail."  The BIA has mailed the deadline notifications to individuals with the deadline date of Dec. 31, 2010 to submit their applications.
     If any individual has any questions, contact the BIA Sharlot Johnson at (602) 379–6786.
     The BIA states that the new deadline date for certain individuals will not affect the current schedule of the partial payment.

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