Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Court Allows Barrick Limited Mining At Cortez Hills

TEMOAK TRIBE - It is being reported that the Nevada District Court has issued a limited injuction that will keep Barrick from shutting down its operation at Cortez Hills. The 9th Circuit Appeals Court ordered that the District Court to “provide injunctive relief” to the Tribes. The District Court Judge Larry Hicks wrote that "given the limited environmental harm resulting from a tailored injunction and the significant economic harm identified by Barrick and largely conceded by the plaintiffs, the court finds that both the balance of hardships and the public interest favor a narrowly tailored injunction."

Marketwatch has the article, Barrick Gold Corporation: US Court Allows Continued Mining at Cortez Hills

Businessweek has the article, Barrick Fends Off Bid for Temporary Mine Closing

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