Monday, April 21, 2014

Out of Control Te-Moak Council Meeting Ends with Sirens

Te-Moak Council - An ambulance was called to tonight's Te-Moak Council meeting when an elder of the Tribe suffered a medical condition.
The council meeting began 3 hours late and the major discussion of the night was about Wayne Bill being removed by South Fork band council as a Te-Moak representative.  A letter was written to South Fork council asking Dallas Smales to step down from council because of her pleading guilty to a charge of embezzling from an Indian organization, which is a felony. Because of Wayne Bill's vote asking for the resignation, South Fork band council, led by Chairman Alice Tybo, wanted Wayne Bill's removal.  Tribal Chairman Davis Gonzales refused to recognize Dallas Smales conviction of embezzlement despite being handed paperwork which showed the embezzlement was in the amount of 50,000 dollars.  Tonight's only discussion was about South Fork band council until an elder suffered a medical episode.  The health of the elder is not known at this time.


Anonymous said...

Very sorry about the elder. I do agree with wayne bill being removed. What goes around comes around. Not understanding how Jo ann Dallas Smales is not a felon. Accordind to title and section 18 u.s.c.1163 dallas did plead guilty to 1 count of embezzlement from a indian tribal org. And was incarcerated at ctc in slc utah, committed to the custody od the us bureau of prisons for 6 months with conditions upon release. A felon is a felon. The actual amount stolen from the te-moak livestock association was $51,897.24. Dallas was ordered to pay the full amount. Has she?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how the meeting was out of control, unless it was with the lies and cover up being told to the members of the audience. No member of the Tribal Council can be removed without just cause, 15 days notice of hearing, and an impartial hearing before the Council. These people are too used to only reading what they want and only quoting the parts of the Constitution that they fell justifies their actions. Alice said the will of the people put Dallas on the Council. How about the will of the people that removed the totality of the previous council, including her mother? The will of the people only counts when they agree with the opinions of Alice and her "gang".

Anonymous said...

Since when does South Fork follow any rules? South Fork has always removed council members illegally and for petty reasons. So whats new? It always comes down to a twisted interpretation. I don't think there has ever been a day when "the will of the people" would want Dallas Smales for anything. What I don't understand is why Alice Tybo is now pretending Dallas isn't a felon. Cut South Fork off at the money. Get a petition to have South Fork investigated.