Thursday, April 24, 2014

Conspiracy in Wayne Bill's removal from council?

Tribal Council - A check of the Te-Moak Facebook page does not have a meeting notice for the tribal council meeting that happened on Monday, April 21.
The Te-Moak meeting was only about south fork and Wayne Bill's removal which happened on Sunday, the day before the tribal meeting.  How did Chairman Davis Gonzales know that south fork council was going to remove Wayne Bill?
It was first reported that Wayne bill was removed from the Te-Moak council by south fork council because he voted for the resignation of Dallas Smales due to the fact that she has a felony conviction. It was told at the Te-moak tribal meeting that the Te-Moak letter was never sent to south fork council because Davis Gonzales didn't sign it.  So, how fast did Davis call south fork about Wayne Bill's no-more-felons vote?  And if Davis Gonzales is using a cellphone paid for by the tribe, can tribal members check those records?


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy? Hardly. Conspiracy gives an impression that Wayne Bill holds a lot of power or is an influential figure. He is not. Conspiracy? No. Politics as usual? Absolutely! This kind of sneaky "just cause" removal has been done many times in South Fork under different councils and administrations. It's nothing new. Alice Tybo knows,she's been the council secretary during the removal of former councils. Same tactics, different faces. It doesn't change the fact, Dallas Smales is a FELON. This is the same corrupt politics to keep their seats on the money train. After all these years, there is no real change with the Te-Moak Tribe and are now more dependent on getting money from the mines for cultural and educational purposes? This corruption has been going on for years involving some of the same people. Why act surprised? These people are middle-aged and elders. They should know better. Why do they sit by and let it happen? Where is this WS elder knowledge and tradition we all hear about? Nothing but morally-corrupt politics as usual. It doesn't help when the local BIA sits by and does nothing out of spite even though we are talking about federal funding and federal land. The epitome of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Dallas a felon ? How many felons are sitting on council elko band has a convicted drug dealer as chairman, battle mountain has a sex offender sitting on council. So why are people just pointing out one person ? I'm sure if a real background check was done you would find more.