Friday, November 5, 2010

Agenda of the Te-Moak Tribal Council Meeting For November 3

     TEMOAK TRIBE - The Te-Moak Tribal Council agenda for the regular meeting on Wednesday, November 3.

     -Resolution recognizing Brandon Reynolds as South Fork Representative
     -Claims Update
     -Proposed Banishment Draft Ordinance Update
     -Gaming Compact Update
     -Finalize Liquor Ordinance Amendment
     -Election Ordinance Review - 45 Days ending August 6, 2010
     -Ethics Ordinance Review - 45 Days ending August 25, 2010
     -EchoHawk Law Offices - Introduction to the Council
     -EBC Resolutions - Land Leases for Eight (8) Modular Homes
     -Lorrie Carpenter - Discussion       
     -Resolution - Supporting a Nevada Area Office - IHS
     -Resolutions - Liquor License for Gladiator Challenge
     -Te-Moak Dog Ordinance for Review
     -Vince Garcia - South Fork Recall Petition
     -Ruby Pipeline Discussion - Bryan Cassadore
     -Richard Smith Letter of Request
     -Chairman Cassadore - Reaffirm the Te-Moak Tribe as a Sovereign Nation
     -Advertise BM Diabetes Assistant Position Part-time

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